Final Newsletter

It is nothing short of a miracle for the club to emerge from this roller coaster of a season, in a financially sound position. It is very pleasing that we made a trading profit of over $8,000, in a winter destroyed by Covid. With Resurgence payments and two permanent guests for the season, we were able to pay the bills and keep National Park Lodge functioning. No mean feat with only 15 member nights booked all season.
Special thanks to Christine Fitzmaurice for her tireless work as Booking Officer.
Meanwhile, Mike was steering  the club through an unsettling, and ultimately sad period, in the club’s history.
He led the charge with securing a “liquidator”; liaising with company personnel and kept D.O.C. informed of all the changes, in a timely manner. They have not been the easiest to deal with throughout this protracted relinquishment process.

The liquidators officially take up the reins on the 29th of this month and from that date they control everything.

As the sun sets on the grand old girl that was the Downhill Ski Club, founded in 1965, there are members who we should acknowledge for having made a significant contribution over the years. Many people have put in countless volunteer hours, materials, expertise and dedication and we remember them fondly.

Harold Thomas who was a stalwart of the club for many years.
The Fitzmaurice Family who keep coming back on the committee.
Steve Chaney, the eternal treasurer.
Jane Gilmour, with 10 + years as Secretary under her belt.
Jim Crooks for his cooking skills and unforgettable personality.
Neil Green, of poo burner fame.
Paul Brown, the refurbishment mogul.
Mandy Rothe for all the superb newsletter photos.
Ross Sutherland, property developer.
Chris Fotherby, for his unsung work in the generator room.
Dave Simpson and many other hard workers……the Douches, Meeks and Frosts.
Long serving Booking Officers ” extraordinaire “…..Margaret Willoughby, Marie and Bernie Prendergast and Dion Cruse.
And to all those past Presidents who stepped up to the plate when your club needed you……. a very big thank you.

This is not a complete list by any means, but any tributes (gossip ?) you would like to make, can be posted on the new group Facebook page. This will keep members in touch and can be accessed at
If people are not happy using Facebook, Christine has set up a private email list of past DSC members. Join the list by emailing Christine at and you will be manually added to  the group.

Our homeless status as former ski club members has made us very attractive to other struggling, mountain ski clubs.
The committee has been approached by a number of clubs and Whanganui and Takapuna have agreed to waive their entrance fees for DSC members.
If there are members still keen to retrieve their belongings from the mountain lodge, this is still possible for a limited time. Contact for directions on where to find the lodge keys.
Do NOT use the toilets !

And finally, if anyone knows where the club’s Presidents board is, we would like it back to add a few names to it.  Contact Mike Fitzmaurice,

Happy skiing for the future, wherever it may be.