Work Party May ’21

Four Club stalwarts ventured to the National Park lodge on Friday 30th April for a “Work Party”.  Two days of glorious weather enabled a lot of work to get done before departing after 4 pm on Sunday.

The women’s bathroom was given a good clean, skirtings were wiped down and sink plugs replaced.  The men’s had the light over the showers fixed – no more showering in the dark!  Gentlemen, you owe a debt of gratitude to Prue Fry for the fabulous job she did giving your bathroom a much-needed clean.  Lots of skirting was cleaned as were many mouldy window frames throughout the lodge.

In the kitchen curtains were taken down and given a thorough clean. The window sills were painted and the light over the ovens was fixed.

Kitchen curtain

Rooms 5, 7, 9, and 10 had tape and paint scraped off the glass and many window frames throughout the lodge were given a fresh coat of paint.



The door to room 8 was adjusted so it latches closed now.

Rooms 9 and 6 had the curtain rehung after they ‘went missing”. Now all bedrooms have curtains.

The old phone in the hall was removed as was the rechargeable torch in the lounge.

Room 7 had an old sticker scraped off the outside and the window sills painted. The fridge was cleaned.

The back door had the old curtain removed, a new one will go in soon; and received some paint.

Room 2 had a window stay repaired and reinstalled. Cathy trimmed the entrance mat removing the curled up edges.

door mat

Entrance mat

Prue sanded and painted the windows at the front.

Front windows

The curtains in the lounge were taken down for some sewing where the ends had been pulled off. All the screws holding tracks were a bit loose. Extra sliders and hooks were purchased and installed. We tied the joins together so there are no gaps. Photos from the mountain lodge were hung up.



Now our guests will have a much better first impression of the lodge.

It was a very enjoyable weekend.  Please consider coming along to the next Working Bee.  It’s a great way to meet and mix with other Club members and to give something back to the Club. At the Downhill we like to call it a “Work Party” – it’s not all hard work and they’re a lot of fun!